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Nizagara® 100 mg reviews customer | Sildenafil effect

Brief description of Nizagara® 100 mg

Nizagara® 100 mg is a drug for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, belonging to the group of phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors (PDE-5). Provides a stable and full-fledged erection, sufficient for sexual intercourse. Sildenafil is the active ingredient of the legendary Viagra. Sildenafil was synthesized in 1998 and became the first truly effective and safe tablet drug for the treatment of such a common disease as erectile dysfunction. To understand the mechanism of action of sildenafil, it is necessary to go a little deeper into the biochemical “wilds”. First of all, it should be noted what an important role in the functioning of the cardiovascular system is played by the endothelial relaxing factor, aka nitric oxide (NO). Formed in the vascular endothelium, NO penetrates into the smooth muscle tissue, where the enzyme guanylate cyclase “wakes up”. As a result, the cellular concentration of cyclic guanosine monophosphate (abbreviated cGMP) increases sharply, which, in turn, prevents the penetration of calcium ions into the cells, which leads to a decrease in vascular tone. But there is also a negative character – the enzyme phosphodiesterase (PDE). It destroys cGMP, which limits the vasodilating effect of NO. To date, it has been established that the most active in this regard is PDE-5. Thus, suppressing its activity enhances the effects of NO. Now you need to understand what lies at the heart of the development of an erection. The condition for its occurrence is the relaxation of the smooth muscle “corset” of the arteries that carry blood to the cavernous bodies of the penis. This relaxation “organizes” the NO released by the endothelial cells. Nizagara® 100 mg Sildenafil potentiates the effects of the latter by removing the natural barriers to blood flow to the glans penis. The clinical efficacy of Nizagara® 100 mg has been demonstrated in a number of large randomized trials:

  • In one study, after 12 weeks, a clear improvement in erection was observed in 76% of patients who took sildenafil, compared to 22% who were satisfied with a placebo.
  • The high effectiveness of the drug was observed in representatives of different age groups: even in people over 65 years of age, the drug worked in 69% of cases.
  • One of the risk factors for erectile dysfunction is hypertension. Sildenafil has a weak antihypertensive effect, but its use by hypertensive patients who are “sitting” on antihypertensive drugs does not potentiate the effect of the latter, so such persons can fight erectile dysfunction on a general basis.
  • Another key risk factor for erectile dysfunction is smoking, which has been found in clinical trials to have no effect on the effectiveness of sildenafil.
  • The drug Nizagara® 100 mg has another truly miraculous property: in patients suffering from psychogenic erectile dysfunction, it not only improves erection, but also helps to eliminate depression.
  • A separate conversation is about people who have erectile dysfunction developed against the background of diabetes. In this category of patients, it is most difficult to get a therapeutic response to pharmacotherapy. The effectiveness of Nizagara® 100 mg in such cases depends on the severity of diabetes mellitus and the presence of complications. However, even in such difficult conditions, the drug showed its best side: so, in one of the clinical studies, an improvement in erection was noted in 69% of patients taking sildenafil (in fairness, it should be noted that these were patients without complications).
  • Thus, Nizagara® 100 mg is definitely a “working” drug: its effectiveness does not decrease over time, which makes possible long-term pharmacotherapy.
  • Side effects of the drug Nizagara® 100 mg, as a rule, are mild and manifest only at the beginning of treatment.

Nizagara® 100 mg: customer and pharmacist reviews

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Nizagara dosage of 100 mg from an Indian pharmaceutical manufacturer I have repeatedly prescribed as part of a psychotherapist’s appointment to patients with complaints of sexual dysfunction and waiting syndrome. The drug has proven to be very effective at a dosage of 100 mg. Therefore, receiving “positive reinforcement”, the patient forms a certain correct stereotype, anxiety is significantly reduced, and the “waiting syndrome”is leveled. Against this background, the psychotherapy of sexual dysfunction itself is much more effective. The drug has a number of side effects – as a rule, there is a headache, a feeling of stuffiness of the nasal mucosa, a change in color perception. However, these side effects are temporary.
 Name hidden Usage experience – everal months of
Dignity – All right
Comment – I will buy more
 Name hidden  I was very often caught on Viagra ads. Most intrigued, what is Viagra, it will be necessary to can at least once in my life to feel and understand all the charms. As the years passed, it did not disappear from the sale, which encouraged me more and more to buy. I did not dare to buy it and accept it on my own, I discussed it with my wife. I ordered a generic Nizagara on the Internet. We are not a young couple and I was sure that she would not back down and would also want to feel new emotions. Our main problem in our sexual life was not the lack of an erection, but a quick sexual act. I would like to extend it. The erection was excellent, as well as the duration of sexual intercourse. I have seen for myself that the expenses are worth it. I would like to give advice, life is one, do not deprive yourself and your partner of pleasure.
 Name hidden  The drug is used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction in urological practice, should be prescribed only as prescribed by a doctor, but is often used by patients independently without clinical indications. Available in price, often mistakenly prescribed in urology and andrology in the treatment of psychogenic erectile dysfunction at a young age. In sexology, it is rather not the drug of choice.
 Name hidden This drug has never been prescribed, but I have repeatedly met with its illiterate prescription. Quite often, urologists prescribe this drug to young patients for the treatment of sexual dysfunction. And at normal physical indicators. Why does a young guy of 20 years have sexual problems? Of course, only against the background of emotional tension, and this drug increases the tension even more. So, before you swallow any chemistry, try to calm your nerves first. At the very least, tell your partner about your experiences.
 Name hidden  I bought it out of curiosity. Sometimes you get tired but you want to have sex. I’m over 50. the boner is excellent after 20 minutes, repeated the same effect. The orgasm is just a bomb After minutes I got up again but my wife was already asleep I decided to finish manually but there was not enough sperm. Now my favorite pills. There are side effects, but only slightly for me personally.
 Name hidden A good drug for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in both age-related and young patients. An affordable drug at its own cost. As with all sildenafils, there are side effects: headaches, changes in vision, nasal congestion – you need to be prepared for this.
 Name hidden The pills work the way you expect them to. Maybe even stronger! If there was erectile dysfunction, then you will remember it as something far away, although you will generally remember and think about something at this moment. Underwear just bursts from such pressure. I was glad of the effect, which lasted for several hours. And I’m happy about the price, by the way, too. Because these pills are cheaper than Viagra, and they give you a lot of heat. In the morning, the desire, by the way, remained (and the possibilities, too, if you know what I mean). In short, guys, the tool is cool.