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Buy Fildena® Super Active softgel capsule 100mg online

Generic name/Active Ingredient: Fildena® Super Active / Sildenafil Softgel Capsule
Treatment: Erectile Dysfunction (ED)
Take for: 15-25 minutes before sex
Effect of the drug: up to 4-6 hours
Manufacturer: Fortune Health Care Pvt. Ltd.
Country of origin: India
Dosage form: Softgel capsule
Power: 100mg
Packing 10 capsule in one strip

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What kind of Medicine is Fildena® Super Active?

In one capsule of Fildena® Super Active contains 100 mg of sildenafil. Additionally, auxiliary substances are included. The formula of the drug in the capsule allows you to achieve the effect faster in comparison with sildenafil tablets.

Action of Fildena® capsules Super Active is based on stimulating blood flow to the cavernous bodies of the penis. This happens due to a decrease in the activity of phosphodiesterase type 5. The enzyme is responsible for the breakdown of cyclic guanosine monophosphate, which participates in the normal mechanism of erection. Suppression of PDE-5 by sildenafil and an increase in cGMP levels stimulates the natural mechanism of erection against the background of sexual desire.

Sildenafil is rapidly absorbed. Due to the capsule form of the drug, the effect manifests itself 40 minutes after taking the drug. Sometimes the effect is observed faster – after 30. The persistent effect is observed for 4-5 hours, in some cases – up to 7 hours.

Which is the best tablet of Fildena® for erectile dysfunction (ED)?

Sildenafil capsules is a new generation drug, it is provided with a more productive formula that can more effectively solve men’s problems related to potency. Active medicinal herbs safely enhance the positive effect of the remedy, allowing you to help even in the most difficult situations associated with erectile dysfunction disorders.

Consult a doctor before using Fildena® Super Active is necessary, especially if the application of the tool occurs for the first time. It is necessary to evaluate the capabilities of your body and the compatibility of sildenafil and medicinal herbs that are part Fildena® Super Active and the drugs you use for other diseases.

Fildena® Super Active 100mg Reviews

When using Fildena® Super Active at a dosage of 100 mg, negative effects are observed in about 15% of cases. This percentage can significantly increase if you take the drug in combination with alcohol or exceed the daily dosage of 100 mg, so the use of Fildena® Super Active should not be accompanied by potentially dangerous actions, such as driving a car, until you know exactly how the drug acts individually on you.

  • Capsules contribute to a faster onset of a positive result, which is especially convenient for unplanned sexual intercourse;
  • The active substance Sildenafil in combination with herbs that enhance its effect provides a powerful potency for a longer period;
  • Medicinal herbs help to quickly cope with stressful situations, increasing vital activity;
    Stimulate spermatogenesis.

Other common side effects will be redness of the face and neck area, due to a sharp rush of blood to the face area. Also, 1 out of 7 patients has an inability to distinguish between blue and green colors, as well as dyspeptic phenomena. In general, with strict adherence to the dosage, the drug Fildena® Super Active is perfectly tolerated without causing side effects, especially with repeated doses.

Fildena® Super Active – Viagra

More than 25 years have passed since the release of the first batch of Viagra, but the drug remains in demand today. Pharmaceutical industry firms are improving the medicine, giving it new forms. Fortune Health Care has released a new product Fildena® Super Active – an analogue of Viagra in the form of gelatin capsules containing sildenafil 100 mg. The drug has a high bioavailability, acts faster than the tablet form and causes a long-lasting effect of up to 6 hours.

Fildena® Super Active Viagra for sale

  • Fildena® Super Active, in addition to the powerful formula of Sildenafil, which is already familiar to you, also contains a whole complex of medicinal herbs that are synergists of sildenafil, which ultimately provides not only a longer intimate contact, but also acts much more productively than Sildenafil in a standard dosage.
  • As soon as the cavernous bodies of the penis are filled with blood, the penis immediately increases in size and becomes hard, so the usual mechanism of erection occurs. In order for the blood flow to go specifically to the penis, sexual stimulation is necessary, then the internal humoral factors of the body come into play, namely, cyclic hyanosine monophosphate or CGMP is included in the case. It is produced under the action of nitric oxide and is the key moment of the appearance of a long and high-quality erection.
  • CGMP completely controls the amount and strength of blood flow to the reproductive system, as well as controls its outflow, therefore, the action of sildenafil is aimed at increasing CGMP by blocking another active enzyme PDE5 contributing to the destruction of CGMP. It is Sildenafil and medicinal herbs that are part of Fildena® Super Active actively prevent the decomposition of CGMP into fractions, contribute to its accumulation in the body and, accordingly, a longer erection.

Disclaimer of liability: Fildena® Super Active is a medical preparation and can be taken only after examination and appointment by the attending physician. Site Administration https://nizagara-100.com is not responsible for side effects and any harm to health associated with self-medication with drugs based on Sildenafil.

Please follow the contraindications and dosage. Increased dosage and frequent use can harm health.

Contraindications for Fildena® Super Active

Before using Fildena® Super Active, you need to make sure that there are no diseases:

  • stomach ulcer; severe anemia (including sickle cell);
  • severe diseases of the visual organs and optic nerve;
  • heart failure; renal and hepatic insufficiency in acute form;
  • acute allergic reactions that have manifested earlier;
  • heart attacks over the past six months;
  • strokes over the past 6 months; atherosclerosis;
  • tachycardia and ischemic disease;
  • childhood (under 18 years); older age (after 85 years); hypertension and hypotension.

Overdose of Fildena® Super Active

Overdose of the drug was studied in patients taking sildenafil 800 mg per day. There were reactions that are attributed to side effects. Thus, exceeding the dose of Fildena® Super Active increases the risk of undesirable effects. The main symptoms are a feeling of heat, severe headache, turbidity, nausea and vomiting. Treatment is reduced to the cancellation of the drug and the removal of symptoms. Dialysis when eliminating an overdose does not give the desired effect, since sildenafil binds to blood plasma.

Compatibility of  capsules Fildena® Super Active

Simultaneous use of Fildena® Super Active is prohibited Super Active with such drugs:

  • erythromycin (increases the amount of sildenafil in the blood);
  • cimetidine, ketoconazole (increases the amount of sildenafil in the blood);
  • antianginal drugs – nitrates (increases the hypotensive effect);
  • hypoglycemic drugs; beta-blockers (increases the effect of hypotension);
  • drugs that reduce the acidity of gastric juice (sildenafil is absorbed longer).

When using other medications, you should inform your doctor about this before prescribing Fildena® Super Active. The product is not recommended to be combined with alcoholic beverages due to the additional risk of adverse reactions. When taking Fildena® Super Active simultaneously Super Active and high doses of alcohol increase the risk of adverse reactions of the body. It is not advisable to get behind the wheel after taking the drug, as dizziness and color perception shifts to the blue range are possible.

How does sildenafil Fildena® Super Active  100mg capsule work?

The pharmacokinetics of sildenafil in the recommended dose range is linear. Absorption After oral administration, sildenafil is rapidly absorbed. Absolute bioavailability averages about 40% (from 25% to 63%). In vitro, sildenafil at a concentration of about 1.7 ng/ml (3.5 nM) suppresses human PDE5 activity by 50%. After a single dose of sildenafil at a dose of 100 mg, the average maximum concentration of free sildenafil in the blood plasma (Cmax) of men is about 18 ng / ml (38 nM). https://nizagara-100.com Cmax when taking sildenafil inside on an empty stomach is achieved on average within 90 minutes. When taken in combination with fatty foods, the absorption rate decreases: Cmax decreases by an average of 29%, and the time to reach the maximum concentration (Tmax) increases by 60 minutes, but the degree of absorption does not significantly change (the area under the pharmacokinetic concentration-time curve (AUC) decreases by 11%). Distribution The volume of distribution of sildenafil in the equilibrium state is on average 105 liters. The association with plasma proteins of sildenafil and its main circulating N-demethyl metabolite is approximately 96% and does not depend on the total concentration of the drug. Less than 0.0002% of the dose (on average 188 ng) was detected in semen 90 minutes after taking sildenafil. Metabolism Sildenafil is metabolized mainly in the liver under the action of cytochrome CYP3A4 isoenzyme (main pathway) and cytochrome CYP2C9 isoenzyme (minor pathway). The main circulating active metabolite formed as a result of N-demethylation of sildenafil undergoes further metabolism. The selectivity of this metabolite against PDE is comparable to that of sildenafil, and its activity against PDE5 in vitro is about 50% of the activity of sildenafil. The concentration of the metabolite in the blood plasma of healthy volunteers was about 40% of the concentration of sildenafil. The N-demethyl metabolite undergoes further metabolism; its half-life (T1/2) is about 4 hours. Elimination The total clearance of sildenafil is 41 liters / hour, and the final T1 /2 is 3-5 hours.

How long does Fildena® Super Active last for men?

  • Fildena® Super Active capsules are taken 1 pc no more than once a day. High-calorie food with a high fat content can slow down the time of the appearance of the effect.
  • The period of action of the drug is 4-6 hours. During the reception, it is not recommended to drink grapefruit and grape juice.
  • Unlike conventional tableted Fildena® Super Active preparations, the gel contains the active substance in liquid form. It is much easier to digest, it begins to act faster.
  • Fildena® Super Active in a jelly-like state does not irritate the stomach walls. Side effects after using the drug Fildena® Super Active almost never appear.

Order Fildena® Super Active Sildenafil capsules in Nizagara-100.com

Sildenafil capsules help a person to become stronger and more confident in a sexual sense. The medicine is a soft gel capsule, the composition is completely similar to the usual Viagra. A new revolutionary form of the drug was developed by the Indian pharmacological concern Fortune Health Care. Today, this company has become one of the leaders in sales of medicines worldwide. The peculiarity of gel capsules is faster digestibility and good tolerance at any age.

Sildenafil capsules are used to treat erectile dysfunction of any degree. This is one of the most powerful medicines that allow you to achieve an erection. Sex is an integral part of a normal healthy life of any person. Its absence leads to nervous breakdowns, stress, the appearance of various diseases. The use of this drug helps not only to regain masculine strength. Along with the increased potency of a man, the quality of life significantly increases.

What are the side effects of Fildena® Super Active?

In rare cases, taking Fildena® capsules Super Active is accompanied by the appearance of side effects: headache, dizziness, skin rash, redness of the skin, nasal congestion, deterioration of the general condition of the body. As a rule, side effects disappear on their own and do not require specific treatment

What’s the best way to store Fildena® Super Active?

  • Fildena® Super Active is a capsule of blue color, packaged in blisters of 10 pieces each.
  • A full pack consists of 10 blisters, which can be purchased in full or individually.
  • The storage temperature should not exceed 30 degrees. https://nizagara-100.com Avoid direct sunlight. Dangerous for children, keep out of reach.