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What are Generics for the treatment of Erectile dysfunction ED?

When choosing certain medications, you often have to deal with the word "generic". Below is all the necessary information in order to choose the right drug.

What is a Generic?

Currently, almost every branded drug has a generic, and not one. A generic is called an analogue of the original drug, which is based on the same active ingredients.

A generic appears by selling a semi-finished branded medicine by a manufacturer to other manufacturers. Companies involved in the development of generic drugs reserve the right to determine the final composition of the drug.

Does the effect of Generic and branded pills differ?

The therapeutic effect of the main drug and its Generic are absolutely the same, since the active substance is the same. In addition to the therapeutic component, the drugs have identical side effects.

Why do Generics have a lower cost?

Some consumers have the erroneous opinion that cheap drugs are not as effective as branded ones. In fact, the development of a new drug can take about 15 years. 90% of potentially new medicines never reach wide distribution. Therefore, the units of drugs that have reached pharmacies have the appropriate prices in order to somehow justify the millions of dollars spent on development.

The cheap price of generics is due to the fact that manufacturers no longer need to derive the formula of the drug, resorting to expensive research and testing. The company selling the finished semi-finished product has already done this. The generic manufacturer only needs to produce a similar drug. That is why generics are so accessible to consumers in the United States.

Are the patented products manufactured on more modern equipment?

Generics, as well as patented drugs, are produced in accordance with the current hygienic and technological standards on the most modern equipment. Generics are produced in many countries of the world, and implemented by our website https://nizagara-100.com in India.

Do all drugs have Generics?

All known medicines have a generic, and not one. The exception is special drugs that are used for the treatment of immunodeficiency virus and cancer. If we are talking about such medicines, each component is of great importance.

Why do the names of the Original Drugs and Generics differ?

The name of the generic drug most often repeats the name of an analog drug, for example, generic Viagra, Levitra, etc. The composition of the therapeutic composition of the original medicine and its generic are identical, only the names are different. Manufacturers using a ready-made formula do not have the right to use the name of the original as prohibited by law. For this reason, generics are given the names of the active component or a new brand is created that becomes widely known, such as Cenforce or Fildena.

What is the packaging of the pills?

One package contains up to 60 units packaged in blisters of 2-10 tablets. If the order contains more than 60 tablets, the batch can be divided into several packages, as well as have free shipping in the USA.

How to place an order?

To order the selected product, click on the cart icon. After the product is in the basket, you need to proceed to the form by filling in the required fields. After filling out the form, choose the most appropriate payment and delivery method.

Is there a chance that the delivery service will be able to see the contents of the parcel?

Delivery service workers will not be able to find out what is moving in the parcel. Before sending the goods, we carefully pack them in an opaque material and seal them. The packaging has no labels or names. We do not care about the privacy of buyers in words.
How long to wait for the goods?

The terms and methods of delivery are described in detail in the relevant sections.

How reliable is an Online Pharmacy online?

To create an online pharmacy Nizagara-100.com a lot of finances and human resources have been invested. It is better for us to have regular customers and get a stable income. We value all our customers, listen to their opinions and try to improve.